Rollin, Rolling, rolling down the river

River Tubing in Glasgow is our brand new activity on the OPS menu of adventure! Some of you might have done this as kids on tyre innertubes but this takes it up a notch!

Don’t worry – you WILL get wet!
  • Our Star/ NRS tubes are specially designed for taking on the rapids, this ain’t no lazy river cruise!

  • It’s you and your tube, hanging on as you throw yourself into the waves on your way down the rapids.

  • The best thing is you get to see your mate’s face as they spill out and take a swim!

  • All specialist equipment, instruction and one hour of water time is included in the price.

  • Participants must be very confident in the water as there a high chance you will be in it – lots!

feel the excitement

River Tubing at Pinkston


  • Ages: 12+

  • Difficulty: Grade 2/3

  • Max Group: 12

  • Duration: Varies

  • Price: Varies

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What’s Included?

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Jordan 1st session on the water..fantastic session…lovely staff…fabulous time had..deffo coming back soon.